How To Put A Spell On Someone To Leave Your Home

How to Put a Spell on Someone to Leave Your Home

Do you want someone to leave your home? An exiling or binding spell will help you for that purpose. An exiling or banishing spell would work to usually get someone to leave your home. And the binding spell will help you in keeping away from someone who is troubling you. For getting rid of such kind of person, Spell Someone to Leave Your Home is very beneficial. It works fast and it is also easier to cast.

We are going to read about How to Put a Spell on Someone to Leave Your Home. The way of putting this kind of spell is described below:

For putting a spell on someone to leave your home you need:

  • A piece of paper
  • The offending person’s name
  • A Ziploc baggie or something similar,
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Black Candle or Meditation (optional)

Now start casting the spell with the piece of paper. Write the person’s first or last name on the paper. Fill it with intent and images of the person you want to leave your home.

This is the time where you can use a black candle or meditation if you want. You can use the corresponding color candle also here. Now make your own idea and understand what is to be applied to your situation. Put the black candle amongst the names (you and someone whom do you want to leave your home) whilst you meditate.

Another way of Putting a Spell on Someone to Leave Your Home (if you don’t have candles or can’t meditate) is to close your eyes for an instant while holding the paper. Imagine the person that you want leave your home.  Now feel and imagine the best life that you would have without that person.

Now, it’s time to get the zipper baggie. Fill zipper baggie with water. Now you have to cautiously place the intent-imbued paper into the water and seal it tight. You should put it in the freezer. Don’t touch it again until the person not leaving your home. He/she will leave your home soon and you would be happy to live your life. You can easily create and spell the people you want to leave your home. This spell will work and your problem will freeze soon.

How to Put a Spell on My Boyfriend

A girl cannot forget her boyfriend in any condition. She always loves him in her whole life. But its also a fact that there are little arguments and misunderstandings in every relation. And sometimes these arguments and misunderstandings between the two cause of their breakup.

A girl wants to spell her boyfriend for many purposes. These spells are best to cast to get back your boyfriend in your life. Follow and utilize these love spells for your boyfriend return into your life. You will be successful in making love in your boyfriend’s heart again for you with the help of a spell.

Girls are usually very conscious of their boyfriends. But it is unbearable for them if they are separated from their boyfriends due to any hasty decision or arguments. They feel desperate for the breakup with the boyfriend. You are most likely to regret the situation and would probably be asking yourself, “How to get my ex-boyfriend back?”

Getting back your boyfriend is a very serious decision to make. You want to get him back because it will influence your whole life. If you really want to get your boyfriend back, try our spells. We will make it easy for you to get him back.

The Magic Spell for the Boyfriend:

The magic spell is used to channel the energy into the heart of your ex-boyfriend. It kindles in him the feelings of love and attraction towards you. It will make your partner desire to be around you all the time. This spell will make your boyfriend feel lonely without you. For putting a spell on your boyfriend, you need the following things:

  • 3 drops of your blood
  • Wooden matches
  • A red candle
  • Thread
  • Sterile needle
  • One chicken wing (organic)
  • And a parchment paper

Once you have collected all the above-mentioned items, then light the red candle. Use a matchstick for lighting the candle. Once you have lightened the candle, its time to take the chicken wing and write the name of your boyfriend on the paper. Remember, you have to write your own name at the top of your boyfriend name with the similar chicken wing. Now you have to drop the seven drops of the candle wax on the parchment paper.

Next, you have to take the sterilized needle and stab your finger to draw three blood drops on that piece of paper. While doing so, you should focus on the return of your boyfriend as you drop the blood on the paper. It is done by building optimistic energy through your mind and thoughts. After building up the energy, you should blow the candle out.

Now, you have to take the chicken wing, and wrap it inside the paper. You should tie the pack with the thread. In the end, you have to find a secure place for burying the package. Now wait for the full moon and scorch the remaining part of the candle till it burns out wholly. Trust and wait for the reappearance and return of your boyfriend.

How to Put a Spell on Jewelry

Why Spell on Jewelry?

The spells that are cast on jewellery, can help to strengthen your development with magic. Spelt jewellery makes a connection with other features of the mystical and spiritual journey that you have never enjoyed before. Putting a spell on jewellery can make your jewellery be protective and it also helps you in gaining energies. We can help you by protecting your jewellery and spelling it for your desired purposes. We can best guide you about How to Put a Spell on Jewellery.

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